About Us

Litmus IT is formed and managed by Entrepreneurs from IT Industry
  • Each having 25+ years of experience
  • Worked at Leadership level for renowned IT industry giants
  • Experience in delivering services to Global Clients
  • Handled huge System Integration projects for large banks
  • Partnership with leading Hardware and Software OEMs
  • Information Security Compliance product and services

Social Cause in our Business Operations

  • Apart from deploying well experienced and certified technical hands from the industry, we also have model of getting engineering fresher’s from 3rd Tier Cities or Rural India
  • They are transformed from being a Graduate to be a Professional in our competency center
  • Trained them in latest Industry / Corporate technologies
  • Provide them with ITIL process awareness
  • Information Security awareness
  • Trained them in Soft Skills for Communication, Mail Etiquettes, Culture awareness etc By this, we attempt to groom and provide opportunities to these fresh graduates from Rural India to work confidently for Corporate India.

Advantage to our customers:
  • Longitivity of Service
  • Adaptability to Learn New things
  • Cost Advantage