System Integration Services

With every business growth, comes technology changes. How quickly you adapt to that change determines how much and how fast your business grows. Need of the hour is to provide Robust, Reliable & Scalable solution, which gives highest level of Availability, Performance and Security. Litmus IT has developed expertise in system integration, by which you gain access to Cost Effective solutions to integrate hardware and software to manage complex IT implementation projects successfully.

Our System Integration Services provides:
  • Best fitted IT Infrastructure solution, post thorough understanding of your business needs
  • Seamlessly interconnecting systems and applications to provide best solution to run your business operation smoothly
  • Technology Guidance and Selection
  • Network Integration
  • Platform Integration
  • Datacenter Setup
  • Continuity of Business planning
  • Disaster recovery services
  • Enable migration of systems to latest versions
  • IT Optimization and Virtualization Solution
  • Consolidation of Infrastructure
  • Cloud assessment and migration
  • Implementing business-aligned enterprise security strategies that improve risk management, productivity, data integrity and compliance
  • Mobile computing - increasing productivity, improving service access and building customer loyalty through enterprise mobile solutions

Many organizations are in the process of reducing IT Infrastructure costs and maximizing their flexibility by moving some of their systems and applications to the cloud.

We at Litmus IT can help you assess:
  • How much of your IT landscape can be migrated to cloud?
  • How to migrate it to Cloud?
  • Which Cloud Service Provider would serve you more benefits?
  • How to optimize your on premise systems and make them communicate with your current & future cloud investments?